About Us

About our company

we've a corporate vision to be recognized among the best of logistic and courier companies of the time. By this we mean to uphold the expectations in areas of service that our valued customers hold from us and higher it every time. we might prefer to associate ourselves as providing services in all areas associated with logistics. we are currently providing domestic and international services to our corporate clients. we deal in services of documents as well as parcels. we also provide specialised services in commodities like chemicals, bulk medicine, liquid and machine components.

Our Mission & Vision

To provide individuals and businesses inside each community with the foremost reliable, affordable, and skilled delivery service offered.

A world wherever people, businesses and local communities thrive through the shared economy during a property, efficient and friendly manner.

International Courier Service in Chennai

Why choose us

First Express is the most famous courier company in India. There are many shipping options available to select from, each differing in the pricing as well as the speed of delivery. during a short business span of eight years we've betrothed with several company and semi – corporate Co. for their Domestic & overseas courier needs.

We offer several services for our clients thar are Domestic Courier Service, Commercial Courier Service, International Courier Service, Courier & Parcel Service, Medicine Delivery, Student Document Delivery, International Document Delivery.

    100% despatch on the same day
    Door-to-door collection and delivery
    Efficient Customer Service
    Tracking of consignment
International Courier Service in Chennai

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